Our silica is suitable for ; Catalyst support,Separation, Release control, Optical element, VOC Absorbent.


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Characteristics of Mesoporous silica (Mesopure®)

● Chemical Substance:Silica,Mesoporous Silica
● Composition:Silicon Dioxide
● Chemical Formula:SiO2


  • Our silica has high surface area and high mesopore volume per mass.
  • An inorganic material (Silica) with precisely controlled pores in nanometer range.


  • Silica is widely accepted as safe material for various usages in our daily life, such as cosmetics, detergent etc.

Potential Applications

Mesoporous silica is suitable for these uses ; Catalyst support, Humidity control, Separation, Release control, Optical element, VOC Absorbent.

Humidity Control Humidifier/Dehumidifier, Desiccant type air conditioner, Anti-condensation, etc.
Catalyst support Fine chemicals, Polymerization
Separation Chromatography,
Release control Deodorant, Perfume, Drug
Optical element  
VOC Adsorbent For PSA* system (Recovery from off gas, vent gas of Plants and Tanks)
*Pressure Swing Adsorption System

What does Mesoporous mean?

  • A porous material with pore size from 2 to 50nm is categorized as a mesoporous material.
  • As the material is silica, it's called mesoporous silica.

Particle Size & Shape by SEM Images

Standard Particle Size distribution;
Ave. Size*; 200 microns, 5 microns

* Rough estimate
* * Morphology; Crushed

Nano Technologies for Mesopure®

Applied patents: 50 (Japan),3 (Overseas)
Pore size is precisely controlled in nanometer range.
Narrow pore size distribution.
Peak top of the pore size can be controlled with 1nm increments from 4nm to 25nm on customers’ request.
Pore size distribution

Metal Impurity Level

  • Significantly low impurity level compared to other silica.
  • Especially suitable for use of catalyst support.

Metal impurity (Unit:ppm)

Metal Reference Mesopure®
Na 170 0.2
K 23 0.1
Ca 160 0.2
Al 15 <0.1
Ti 260 <0.1